Q. Can I smoke in the hotel?

Smoking is not permitted in this facility.
Please use the smoking area.

Q. Can you issue a pre-payment receipt for web reservations?

You can issue a reservation confirmation by clicking on “Reservation Inquiry” in the reservation confirmation page.

Q. Can I leave my luggage before/after check-in?

Luggage cannot be checked in before or after check-in.

Q. Can I send a package to your facility?

Please refrain from using our facilities as a delivery address for your luggage. We will not be able to receive your luggage on your behalf.

Q. Can you issue a receipt?

Since all reservations are made in advance through the reservation website, we are unable to issue a receipt from the facility.
Please use the downloadable receipt from the site where you made your reservation.

Q. Is there parking available?

Parking is available on the premises.
Rooms 01 – 09, 12: 1 space each
Rooms 10 – 11: 2 spaces each

Q. How do I put out the trash?

Trash cans are located in the front building and are available for use at any time. Please separate garbage into 4 types: cans, bottles, PET, and other burnable garbage.