In order to maintain the public nature and safety of the facility, all visitors to the facility are required to abide by the following rules and regulations.
Failure to abide by these rules will result in denial of use of the facility.

No smoking in the whole room

Smoking is not permitted in the facility and all rooms (including electronic cigarettes).
If found, you will be charged a minimum of 30,000 yen for cleaning and deodorizing.
Smoking is allowed outside, but please dispose of cigarette butts by yourself.

Conditions and precautions

Our staff will not enter your room during your stay, including cleaning and changing of linens during your stay.
Amenity sets (bath towels, towels, bath mats, and toothbrushes) are provided only on the first day of check-in.
As this is a roadside facility, there may be vibration and noise from cars. Please understand this beforehand.

Please refrain from bringing in the following items or acts that may disturb other guests in the hotel.

  • Do not smoke in beds or other fire-prone areas, or in areas other than those designated by the facility.
  • Please check the evacuation route map on the back of the room entrance door as soon as you arrive.
  • Do not disturb other guests by singing at a high pitch or by any other noisy behavior.
  • Do not bring any of the following items into the hallways or guest rooms
    • Animals, birds and other pets. (except assistance dogs and pet rooms)
    • Gunpowder, volatile oil, or other ignitable or flammable materials.
    • Objects that emit a foul odor.
    • Guns, swords, and stimulants whose possession is prohibited by law.
  • Gambling or any behavior that is disruptive to public morals, or any behavior that may disturb other guests.
  • Advertising, distribution of promotional materials, sales of goods, solicitation, etc.
  • Conversation in an inappropriate place, loud talking, or any other behavior that is offensive or disturbing to other customers when using a cell phone.
  • Do not attach any objects to the building or equipment of the facility, or alter its current condition.
  • Do not take any items from your room out of the facility and do not move them to other places in the facility.
  • In the event of loss or damage to the facility’s equipment or fixtures, you will be responsible for all replacement or restoration costs, as well as all labor and shipping costs associated with such replacement or restoration.
  • Please follow the instructions and separate trash accordingly.
  • Do not invite guests into the guest room and do not use the facilities and goods in the guest room.
  • If you wish to extend your stay, you must pay the bill before the extension.